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Instant sandbags - keep them in a cupboard and when needed the inflatable sandbags are ready for use in minutes to protect your home, property and business.


  • Doorbase Quicksandbag size 120x20cm Doorbase Quicksandbag size 120x20cm

    Doorbase Quicksandbag size 120x20cm

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Our QUICKSANDBAGS (also known as SANDLESS SANDBAGS or INSTANT SANDBAGS or INFLATABLE SANDBAGS) are activated by simply immersing in water for 3-5 minutes!

Customers often look for sandbag alternatives.  Instant sandless sandbags are recognised as alternative sandbags to the traditional sand filled flood prevention sandbag.

To activate simply immerse the sandless instant Quicksandbag in water.  Ensure the crystals inside the inflatable sandless Quicksandbag are evenly distributed and as the Quicksandbag inflates it should be squeezed to ensure the contents are evenly distributed.

After 3-5 minutes soaking in water the inflatable sandbags bags will be about 10cm high and ready to use.  Our doorbase Quicksandbags are ideal for use at the bottom of a door to prevent seepage.

Traditional sandbags are heavy and bulky, difficult to transport and require considerable manpower to deploy often compounded by the need for fast reaction and distribution.

The solution is a “flat pack” sandless sand bag which requires no sand.

Quicksandbags (also known as sandless sandbags, instant sandbags or inflatable sand bags) are suitable for use by the emergency services, armed services, local authorities, water utilities, business and households; combining ease of storage, fast deployment, light weight and lower labour and transport costs than traditional sandbags.

The Quick Sandbag are biodegradable sandbags made using a woven jute hessian outer skin with a cotton liner which contains a super absorbent polymer (SAP). Each quick sandbag weighs less than 450 grams.  

To use the sandless our Quicksandbag, remove the protective outer plastic bag – immerse the bag in water, the polymer rapidly absorbs the water, swelling in less than 5 minutes to a typical sand bag size weighing approximately 16kg. The Quick Sandbag is then able to be deployed building defensive barriers or water deflectors. Quick Sandbags may be stacked upto 60cm in height without further reinforcement.

Click here to download our guide to using Quicksandbags

The outer jute skin and inner cotton bag will breakdown and biodegrade when buried in soil. The super absorbent polymer is inert and may be dug into your garden to aid water retention.  Alternatively the inflatable sandbags can be disposed of in normal landfill.

The Quicksandbag is supplied in a sealed plastic bag containing 10 Quicksandbags giving a long shelf life of up to five years.

If you currently use traditional jute hessian or polypropylene sandbags for water ingress protection or diversion such as property flooding prevention, working on water distribution network repairs then you should consider the advantages that this newer form of sandbag offers for storage, deployment, life cycle and ease of use.

We are able to supply in bulk and payment can be on the normal accounting terms for local authorities and other major companies.

Bulk orders, flexible payment terms and a variety of bespoke delivery, storage and branding options available on enquiry.

Please click the video to see how to activate our instant Quicksandbags.

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Quicksandbag activation guide


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