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Net bags for firewood or logs or kindling.  Net bags for logs, kindling bags, firewood bags available to buy on line - click below for more information.

Net Bags for Wood or Logs

  • Close woven red net bag for packing logs Close woven red net bag for packing logs

    Close woven red net bag for packing logs

    Size: 52 x 85cm with drawstring at mouth

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Our net bags for logs and net bags for firewood are top quality pproducts with a tie string at the mouth.  Our log nets are made of knitted fabric or close woven nets for less stretch.  Both types of fabric are suitable as net sacks for packing either wood, logs or kindling. 

A specialised monofilament fabric is available for kindling wood bags, the monofilament avoids the snagging that can occur when packing kindling into knitted or close woven wood nets.  These kindling wood sacks are available to purchase online.  Kindling nets are very popular due to their small size and ease of use.

Our firewood sacks or kindling sacks are available as a net with printed band.  Printed nets are ideal to promote your brand

To buy woven log sacks please contact us for further information.

LC Packaging woven log bags for packing wood, logs and kindling are available with a top quality ‘photographic standard ‘printed band subject to a minimum order quantity.  Please contact us for further information.