Ventilated Big Bags for Wood and Logs Image

Log bags or firewood bags available in our unique vento fabric which provides almost unhindered ventilation to allow the firewood or logs to season as quickly as possible.

Ventilated Big Bags for Wood and Logs

LC Packaing have developed a unique mesh fabric that provides almost unhindered ventilation to allow the firewood or logs to season as quickly as possible.  Our unique vento fabric log bags gives a sturdy vented log bags that holds their shape more effectively than traditional mosquito net fabric.  Our vented bags are also fitted with large 30cm tipping loops at the bottom which enables our log bags to be emptied for reuse. 

Our breathable bulk bags or bulk vented sacks (also known as vented bulk sacks, vented bulk bags, net tote bags or net FIBC) are ideal as log bags, log sacks or firewood bags and are also available in 26 stripe ventilated material that provides over 45% ventilation.

Our log tote bags are vented sacks designed for storing and drying firewood or logs.  The filled firewood bags can then be delivered to customers without any repacking.  Both types are available to buy in size 97x97x110cm (capable of holding 1 cubic metre of firewood or logs) and 90x90x90cm.  All our big bags for firewood or logs are certified to safe working load 500kg, safety factor 6:1 which enables them to be reused.  

Our bags for logs are used as firewood sacks.  They may also be called bulk net sacks, mini bulk sacks, mini bulk bags, log bulk bags or simply wood bags or wood sacks.

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LC Packaging big bag FIBCs for packing firewood and logs are available with top quality printing in up to three colours subject to a minimum order quantity.  Please contact us for further information.

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