Non Slip Polypropylene Bags Image

Our non slip polypropylene bag is not to be confused with other ‘non-slip’ polypropylene products offered in the market.  Our stackable high friction polypropylene sack really does perform!

Non Slip Polypropylene Bags

Our non slip polypropylene bags has a special weave that allows the filled bags to lock together.  

 Our high friction polypropylene bags are ideal for granular products such as rice and sugar that would normally result in a smooth bag surface.

These stable polypropylene sacks do not require pallet wrap. 

These stackable polypropylene sacks enable palletising and block stacking to be undertaken safely and still allow the pallet or stack to be easily dismantled. 

The empty bags are supplied packed flat on pallets and are therefore ideal for use on automatic filling lines.  Click the video below to see our non slip polypropylene bag in use.

Our non slip polypropylene bags are a specialist product manufactured to customer order.  Please contact us with details of your requirements