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Our mail sacks are manufactured from tough and durable woven polypropylene fabric and have been supplied to key postal companies for over fifteen years.


Our mail sacks to buy online are manufactured from tough and durable woven polypropylene fabric.  We are suppliers to serveral major postal and courier companies for many years and have tremendous experience in the mailbags market.  LC Packaging mail sacks including our printed mail sacks are manufactured to a demanding performance specification covering fabric strength and hook pull out strength - our mailsacks are intended to be used many times over a long period.

Our attachment mailsack has an innovative system of 4 hooks evenly spaced around the mouth of the mailbags.  The hooks are securely sewn into the mouth of the mail bags using a 'box and cross' stitch and this enable the mailbags to hang in a frame and allow the mail to be dropped in.

Our mailbags are sewn using two rows of lockstitch.  This provides a very strong hem for the mail bags and the lock stitch prevents the mailsacks hem from unravelling if the stitching is damaged.

Our mail bags can be supplied as printed mail sacks or unprinted mail sacks - the fabric colour allows the contents to be identified and printing is therefore not always necessary.

We are a major international supplier of quality assured post office mail sacks and mailsacks for use by national postal authorities and courier companies.  As major mail sack suppliers we can offer mailsacks manufactured to individual customer specifications.  Available options include:

Mailbags with:

  • Plastic hooks around mouth to allow the maibags to hang in a frame
  • Rope or eyelets in top hem of the mailbags
  • Laminated fabric including micro perforations on the body of the mailbags if required
  • Ultrasonic security seal
  • Bespoke fabric colours
  • Small FIBCs for transporting parcels from distribution centres to retail stores
  • Fully closeable top skirt for parcel containment
  • Lifting handles
  • Printed mail sacks

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