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LC Packaging offers a range of big bags including our unique vento fabric option, net bags and barrow bags for packing wood, logs and kindling. 

Wood Fuel Log and Kindling Bags

LC Packaging offers a range of FIBCs (also known as big bags or tote bags), barrow bags and net bags for packing wood, logs and kindling.

Big bag FIBCs: LC Packaging have developed a unique mesh fabric that provides almost unhindered ventilation to allow the wood or logs to season as quickly as possible.  Our big bag FIBC (also known as tote bags) for packing wood or logs is also available in 26 stripe ventilated material.  The big bags are designed for storing and drying wood or logs which can then be delivered to customers without any repacking.  Both types are available to buy in internal sizes 93x93x106cm (capable of holding 1 cubic metre of wood or logs) and 86x86x86cm.  Our Vento mesh fabric big bags are fitted with large 30cm tipping loops at the bottom which enables the bag to be emptied for reuse. All our big bags for wood or logs are certified to safe working load 500kg, safety factor 6:1 which enables them to be reused.  

Barrow Bags: LC Packaging barrow bags for wood or logs is available in internal size 46x46x93cm.  The big bag is made using two panels with our unique Vento fabric and two panels and the base with unventilated fabric.  Our barrow bags come with a sewn on top cover to help keep the wood or logs dry.

Net Bags: For packing logs we recommend either knitted fabric (also known as raschel) or close woven fabric for less stretch.  Both types of fabric are suitable for packing either wood, logs or kindling.  A specialised monofilament fabric is available for packing kindling, the monofilament avoids the snagging that can occur when packing kindling into knitted or close woven nets.

LC Packaging FIBCs, barrow bags and net bags for packing wood, logs and kindling are available with top quality printing subject to a minimum order quantity.  Please contact us for further information. 

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