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Geotextile fabric and geogrid.  Geotextile fabric available to buy online for immediate delivery.  Our geogrid is available in 30-30 and 40-40 constructions, please contact us on 0800 612 9637 to discuss your geogrid requirements.

Geotextiles and Geogrids

LC Packaging is the exclusive geotextile fabric supplier of the products given below:

LC Packaging Geotextile fabric is designed for use in a multitude of civil engineering projects including the construction of roads, railways, cycleways and footpaths.

Uses for geotextile fabric include separation of drainage materials, as an erosion control fabric and for ground stabilisation or ground reinforcement.  Our geotextile membrane product has a proven track record to be ideal for areas that have poor ground conditions and weak subsoil.  

LC Packaging geotextiles provide filtration and separation functions between granular layers.  Our geotextile fabric is also suitable for use to separate a stone layer placed onto soft subsoil.  The geotextile fabric prevents intermixing of the two layers, avoiding contamination and loss of load bearing strength.    

Our geotextile membrane is available to buy online in A75 (75gsm) specification in both 4.5 metre wide x 100 metre length rolls or as handy Minipacks containing one piece size 4.5 metres x 11 metres.

Our geotextile fabric is CE marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulations.

Our geotex material is also available in other specifications, for full information please email and we will be pleased to provide further information on our geotextile product range.

LC Packaging Geogrid is a biaxially orientated high strength ground reinforcement grid.  Our ground reinforcement grid, also known as ground reinforcement mesh, is designed for use in civil engineering projects that demand a top quality ground stabilisation grid.  As an example, layers of SGB geogrid can be used to stabilise differential settlement on variable ground helping to create a stiff platform.

The apertures in the geogrid allow soil to pass through making our geogrid ideal for internal soil reinforcement in a wide variety of scenarios such as reinforced steep slopes and road or railway embankments.

Our ground stabilisation mesh is available in 30-30 and 40-40 constructions, for full geogrid performance information please email

Our ground stabilisation geogrid is CE marked in compliance with the Construction Products Regulations.

LC Packaging Geotex material and Geogrids are available in different grades to provide solutions to a variety of civil engineering applications.  Please contact for further information.