Bulk bags (FIBCs) Image

Big bags (also known as bulk bags, big bags, FIBC or dumpy bags) are designed for holding semi bulk loads usually in the range of 150 – 2000 kgs.  Big bags are an ideal mid way solution between small sacks and true bulk.  Our FIBC bulk bags are available with our unique Easi Lift system for safe and easy single person handling.

Bulk bags (FIBCs)

Big bags, also known as bulk bags, FIBCs, dumpy bags or 1 tonne bags are manufactured from woven polypropylene to many different sizes with various filling, discharging and lifting options.

With a capacity of 500kg to 2000kg FIBC big bags / bulk bags are an ideal midway handling solution that avoids the high manual handling requirements of 25kg – 50kg packages whist providing a level of practicality not afforded by true bulk.

LC Packaging bulk bags are available with the unique EASI LIFT lifting system.  This innovative system allows single man operation from filling to discharging.  Our easi lift bags have a unique lifting system that allows the big bags to be handled safely by one person, improving productivity and reducing costs. 

Bulk bags with the EASILIFT system allows a safe system of work, improved efficiency and lower labour costs compared with traditional 1 tonne bags with a loop at each corner.  Please click the video below to see the Easi-lift bags in use.

Always safety conscious, LC Packaging big bags IBC's are tested to BSEN 21898 with 5:1, 6:1 or 8:1 safety factors depending on our customer’s requirements.  The big bags can also be tested in accordance with UN recommendations for dangerous goods.  Click above for more information or to buy dumpy bags online.

Unprinted bulk bags in a variety of sizes are available ex-stock.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

FIBC big bags Options

Our design team will be pleased to discuss your requirements for big bags.  We are confident that we will be able to design a bulk bag that meets your exact requirements.  Examples of the options available on big bags include:

  • Easi lift lifting system
  • Laminated fabric.  The lamination can be on the inside or outside of the bulk bags fabric
  • Polyethylene liner inside the big bags 
  • Various filling and discharging options - for example big bags can be manufactured with a filling spout or a top skirt.  The bulk bags can also have a discharge spout that is opened using a tie string or a velcro closure 
  • ‘Q Bag’ construction (also known as ‘baffle bags’) enables the FIBC big bags to retain their original profile after filling. Click here for more information on Q bag FIBCs
  • Food Grade bulk bags  Click here for more information on food grade FIBCs
  • 26 Stripe ventilated fabric to allows the contents to breathe
  • Our unique Vento mesh fabric that provides almost unhindered ventilation, these bags are ideal for packing potatoes or as wood fuel log bags
  • Anti static big bags, usually used to hold flammable goods
  • Top quality printing on your dumpy bags IBC's in up to three colours

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