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School visit to Verdant Works, Dundee

School visit to Verdant Works, Dundee

S G Baker recently sponsored a trip to Verdant Works Museum in Dundee for 20 school children learning about the Scottish Potato trade.
The children had also recently visited Agrico Seed Potatoes to learn how the seed potatoes are grown, stored and packed for shipping.
Agrico then asked us if we would be able to give the children a tour to help them understand the packaging side of the business.
We thought this was an excellent opportunity to take them to our local Jute Museum Verdant Works, which weaves the tale of jute with the life and work of old Dundee, from the incredible rise of the industry to its subsequent decline in Dundee and shift of production to India.
It’s a story that transports you back over 100 years when jute was king and Dundee was its realm.

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