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Get your claws on our jute bags!

Get your claws on our jute bags!

Jute hessian bags donated by S G Baker are being used to help animal enrichment at Twycross Zoo.  The enrichment programme is designed to increase the animals' physical and mental activity and is a great way to offer the animals choice and novelty by exciting their senses.

The jute sack is filled with straw and a small amount of catnip.  This encourages the Amur Leopard to use his sense of sight, smell and touch and suspending the sack gives him more of a physical challenge to reach the hessian bag.

This follows an earlier donation to the zoo to help with their Bono Ape's enrichment programme Click here to see the apes monkeying around with our bags! and we are pleased to have been able to help the zoo again.

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